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                      Please contact us at cvchandicraft@yahoo.com or info@chandicraft.com for prices.

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Java Lava



Petrified Wood


Petrified Wood Tables Polished All Round


Free Form Petrified Wood Tables Polished All Round


Petrified Wood Tables Top Surface Polished


Polished Petrified Wood Slabs and Slab Tables


Polished  Petrified Wood Seats


Petrified Wood Sinks and Washbasins


Teak Root

Teak Blocks with Cracked Resin

Teak Root Bowls

Teak Root Furniture





Stone Statues


Antique Stone Carvings

Antique Stone Troughs

Antique Stone Pots






About CV  Chandicraft

Why The Name Chandicraft?

The word candi in Indonesian is pronounced chandi and means House of the Divine. The kings and queens were considered divine monarchs; living incarnations of Hindu Gods and Goddesses. These monarchs were not only responsible for the spiritual and physical well-being of the people but for cultural and artistic advancement.

Customer Policy

The quality of our handicrafts is closely monitored to ensure they are crafted to the highest possible standard and are both appealing and saleable. Chandicraft is dedicated to customer satisfaction. To this end, customers are kept informed of the progress of their orders through the use of digital photography. We will endeavor to make your purchase process as smooth as possible, from ordering to delivery.

Minimum Quantities

Our minimum quantity for stone statuary is a mixed 20ft container, which keeps the freight costs to a minimal. It would would be much cheaper to find a supplier in your country, than to ship small quantities.

The exceptions are:

Petrified wood as it has a very high re-sale value. Up to 1000kg / 1 ton can be loaded per cubic meter, which makes it economical. Ocean freight is  usually around US$400.00 plus another USD250.00 for other costs like handling and fumigation in Java and documents per order to the U.S.A. Europe is usually less. Please e-mail us with the items you are considering  ordering and your closest large town or city and we will tell you the cost for ocean freight to your location. The ocean freight is charged at cost, we do not add extra.

Important - There will also be extra costs including port, handling, document, customs clearance and transport charges in your country. If you only want to purchase one or two tables it is cheaper to purchase from one of our distributors.

If you would like our wholesale pricelist FOB for 20ft. container please    e-mail me at cvchandicraft@yahoo.com or info@chandicraft.com.


Payment Options

1) Payment is made directly to Chandicraft  in Java in USD via Bank transfer.

2) Payment can be made by bank transfer in pounds sterling to my account in the UK.
3) Payment can be made by credit card through PayPal.
4)The balance of the total invoice value can be made through PAD through our banks.
At least 50% of the full invoice value is requested as a deposit at the time of ordering.

For LCL, postal or Fed Ex orders we request full payment of invoice value when your order is ready to be posted or shipped..

For container  order we request full payment of invoice value against the proof of shipping document either through our banks (PAD) or by bank transfer (we will fax you a copy of the Bill of Lading as proof of shipment)

If you pay by bank transfer there usually is a bank transfer charge of approx. 40 US$. This must be paid separately. The transfer takes about 3-5 days. If you pay by credit card there is an additional 3.9% service charge This will be added directly to your bill.


Our UK office is located in Sutton, Surrey, England, UK.

Our office and production workshop in Java is located at Mojolaban, Sukoharjo, Central Java, Indonesia. We are a 20 minute drive from central Surakarta / Solo and a 40 minute drive from Solo International Airport.

Tel / Fax: +62 271 612220

E-mail: cvchandicraft@yahoo.com or info@chandicraft.com

You don't have to visit Java or Indonesia to enjoy the wonderful craftsmanship of Java, but if you are coming to Java please come and see our operation first-hand. You are very welcome..




Java Lava Sculpture
          Please contact us at cvchandicraft@yahoo.com or info@chandicraft.com for prices.

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