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          Please contact us at cvchandicraft@yahoo.com or info@chandicraft.com for prices.


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Java Lava



Petrified Wood


Petrified Wood Tables Polished All Round


Free Form Petrified Wood Tables Polished All Round


Petrified Wood Tables Top Surface Polished


Polished Petrified Wood Slabs and Slab Tables


Polished  Petrified Wood Seats


Petrified Wood Sinks and Washbasins


Teak Root

Teak Blocks with Cracked Resin


Teak Root Bowls


Teak Root Furniture





Stone Statues




Antique Stone Troughs

Antique Stone Pots  


     Stone, Wood and Metal Handicrafts from Java, Indonesia


Java Sculpture

Teak Root Benches and Teak Root Furniture Java, Indonesia

We produce and supply Indonesian teak root furniture to the retail and wholesale trade. Our teak root furniture from Indonesia  includes teak root benches, teak root tables, teak root bar table and bar stool sets, teak root organic sculptures and teak root bowls at very competitive prices.

We source only the best roots from Indonesian Government TeakTeak root bench from Indonesia plantations in Java. Teak is not a rainforest tree in Indonesia and was introduced and planted in the 18th Century. No rain forests are damaged or cut for the production of our teak root furniture in Indonesia. The teak roots are by product of the forestry industry and would decompose in the ground if not produced into unique, organic furniture. Some of our teak root furniture is sourced from Javanese village producers of teak root furniture, living on and around the edges of the forests, as we believe the bounty of the forests should be shared and supporting forest villages economies can only be of benefit to us all.  Other items of teak root furniture, we produce ourselves in our own workshop in Java, Indonesia. We produce, quality control and load the containers and arrange the shipping. The finishing is to your preference gloss, satin or matt, Minimum order is 20ft container. Please e-mail for details. 

 Teak Root Bar Set from Indonesia      Teak handicrafts and furniture from Indonesia      

          Organic Art Objects          Teak Root Bar Table          Teak Root Mushrooms


Indonesian Teak Root Dining Table with iron base

Indonesian Teak root coffee table with iron base






          Teak Root Tables from Indonesia (with iron or stainless steel bases).


Indonesian Teak Root Coffee Table with iron baseNew Product!!!  Metalwork. Stainless Steel Table Bases, Brass Table Bases, Iron Table Bases produced to your design and specifications in our own workshop. These can be combined with petrified wood tabletops or teak root tabletops to produce side tables, coffee tables, bistro tables, bar tables and dining tables. 

Indonesian Teak Root Coffee Table with stainless steel base

Our stainless steel table bases, brass table bases, iron table bases are handmade using modern welding techniques and traditional and modern finishing techniques in our own workshop in Java, Indonesia. Please -email us for details and prices at cvchandicraft@yahoo.com  


Java Sculpture



Industrial Furniture from Indonesia

 We produce industrial furniture Industrial Furniture,Recycled Dining Table with iron base from Indonesiain our own workshop in Indonesia, including recycled metal side tables, recycled iron coffee tables and recycled drum dining tables. Our recycled furniture is produced using recycled iron (mild steel) drums, recycled engine parts or recycled machine parts.

The iron drums are cut and hand rolled to be flat, before welding into our industrial furniture. The recycled tables are painted with distressed finish to be weather resistant outdoors or the recycled drum tabletops are left as is with their rustic charm; with worn paint and rust. A top coat of clear finish is applied to provide protection.


                                                      Java Sculpture



Petrified Wood Furniture From Indonesia

Petrified wood Petrified Wood Tables is hand polished into petrified wood tables, sinks, slabs and tabletops in our own workshop in Java, Indonesia. You will be purchasing the best quality petrified wood products in Indonesia, direct from the producer. All our petrified wood is  competitively priced.

 Petrified Wood Tables from IndonesiaAt Chandicraft, we have a large and varied selection of natural and fully polished petrified wood tables, mosaic tiles and table tops. We have large petrified wood trunks and stumps measuring around 90cm in diameter, to small petrified wood branches.


At our own workshop located in Central Java, Indonesia, we have been cutting and polishing petrified wood for the last 15 years, since 2002. Petrified Wood Tables from IndonesiaPetrified wood is wood (often entire trees) that has crystallized and is millions of years old and is found deep underground. Excavating the petrified wood is hard and dangerous work, especially in rainy season. We source only the best quality petrified wood logs for our petrified wood tables and petrified wood tabletops and slabs. The logs are then cut to size in our workshop using various sizes of diamond tipped cutting blades up to 1.8m in diameter. After cutting, the logs are ground to shape and size, after which each petrified wood table or petrified wood tabletop slab is sanded and polished with 7 grades of polishing material to achieve the best possible shine. All our petrified wood tables are level.


                                                                       We produce petrified wood mosaics and petrified wood slab tables Petrified Wood Tabletopwith iron or stainless steel bases. We produce iron (mild steel) or stainless steel table bases to your specifications and design in our own workshop, to ensure the best quality product.


Java Sculpture

Vintage Teak Wall Panels

We source and supply hand carved antique teak wall panels from Indonesia. The vintage teak wall panels are reclaimed from old Javanese houses as they being modernized using bricks and are between 100 to 300 years old. The antique wall panels are beautiful and will give an authentic vintage appeal to any home, hotel or restaurant. The teak panels are durable both indoors and outdoors.


Antique teak wall panels from Indonesia    Vintage wall panel from Indonesia


Antique wall panel from Indonesia    Vintage wall panels from Indonesia

Java Sculpture


Teak Furniture with Cracked Resin


Teak blocks and teak cubes with cracked resin are produced in our workshop in Java, Indonesia.

Teak Seats W12" x Ht 16", W12-14" x Ht 18"

Teak Tables W18" x Ht 18,W20" x Ht 20"


Indonesian Teak Root Coffee Table with cracked resin  

   Indonesian Teak Root Coffee Table with cracked resin



Java Sculpture



Java Lava Sculpture

Java Sculpture


A U.S. Distributor of our Petrified Wood

Chandicraft only sell to the wholesale trade - if you would like to purchase retail petrified wood tables and petrified wood sculptures in the USA, please e-mail us for distributors.


Java Sculpture

Please contact us at cvchandicraft@yahoo.com or info@chandicraft.com

Sukoharjo, Central Java, Indonesia.

Why buy from suppliers in Bali when you can purchase direct from the producer in Java?


Java Lava Sculpture

Petrified Wood Products

We produce polished petrified wood from Java Indonesia. . We only sell wholesale petrified wood of the following types and colours: brown petrified wood, black petrified wood  and black and white petrified wood, grey petrified wood, There is no red petrified wood in Indonesia.

Not all our petrified wood products are listed on our website -others include: large petrified wood logs and large petrified wood branches. Please e-mail for these.

Our petrified wood furniture include petrified wood end tables, petrified wood coffee tables, petrified wood dining tables,  petrified wood lamps, petrified wood sinks.

 Polished petrified wood table tops (mosaics) and petrified wood slabs. We are one of the few companies cutting very large petrified wood slabs.


Hindu Statues in Stone Traditional  stone statues of Hindu Gods and Goddesses, including Gayatria, Durga, Tara, Skanda and Hanuman for the home or garden. Basalt and Limestone sculptures and statues. Stone Buddha Statues Traditional  stone statues of Lord Buddha standing, meditating and relaxing in various  mudras, for the home or garden. Basalt and Limestone sculptures and statues. Stone Ganesh Statues  Traditional  stone statues of Lord Ganesh standing, meditating and relaxing, for the home or garden. Basalt and Limestone sculptures and statues..
Abstract Stone Statues

Modern architectural stone statues for the home or garden design schemes. Limestone statues and carving.

Guardian Stone Statues

Stone carvings and stone statues of totems and guardians of entrances and gateways.  Basalt and Limestone carving.

Exclusive New Designs Chandicraft's innovative new designs  in stone. Basalt and Limestone carving.
Stone Wall Reliefs

or stone wall panels can be used in architectural design schemes in the home or garden. The stone  wall panels may be inlaid into existing or new walls.

Stone Pots 

A beautiful collection  of large and small stone  plant  pots for the garden landscaping schemes. Basalt and Limestone carvings.


Large decorative stone urns and stone birdbaths for garden landscaping schemes. Basalt and Limestone carving.

Antique Stone Troughs

Genuine antique Limestone troughs and  genuine antique Lava  Stone troughs, traditionally used  in Java for collecting and storing  water. Basalt and Limestone carvings.

Antique Stone Pots  

Genuine antique Limestone Pots traditionally used  in Java for collecting and storing rain water. Limestone carvings

Stone Water  Features

A varied collection of stone water features including fountains, water nymphs and spinning water balls. Basalt and Limestone sculptures and statues.

Stone Bird baths

All new, and original  designs. The bird baths are carved from honey limestone. 

Stone Candle Holders

Hand carved lava stone candle holders, inspired by Java's Volcanic crater lakes.

Stone Lampions and Stone Garden Lamps

The design of many of the stone garden lamps and lampions are inspired by the pagoda temples of Java and Bali.  Beautiful lighting for the garden, patio or conservatory. Basalt and Limestone sculptures.

Stone Garden Seats

Hand carved from Lava Stone, Andesite and limestone. A stunning feature for any garden.  Basalt and Limestone sculptures.





          Please contact us at cvchandicraft@yahoo.com or info@chandicraft.com for prices.

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